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Sifu Robert Bergman is the founder of the Spirit Boxing association and has been studying and training traditional Chinese Martial and Healing Arts for over 40 years.

Born in New York City, lived in Asia, and finally settled in San Francisco; he has studied with some of the greatest masters of this century and is dedicated to spreading their teachings and promoting the “Path of Spiritual Boxing” 

Sifu Bergman’s first teacher was Sifu Bing Gong. He was an amazing man with excellent skills, incredible dedication, and flexibility and his focus was energetic yet calm. He was kind and had one of the most generous and humble spirits’ that he had ever seen. He was the teacher who started Sifu Bergman’s journey on the path of spiritual boxing. He studied Northern Shao-Lin with him for three years in the Panhandle at Golden Gate Park and then Sifu Bing decided it was time for him to meet Grandmaster Kuo Lien Ying, lineage holder, his teacher, and the source of all their gung fu knowledge. It was then that Sifu Bergman became a first-generation senior Shao-Lin student of Master Kuo Lien Ying and his only “Monkey Boxing“ disciple.

Master Kuo was one of the greatest energy masters of this century. He emphasized that the spirit was the key element in activating the chi and that flexibility and relaxation were essential factors in cultivating the vital energy. He demanded character excellence, encouraged personal brilliance, and would accept nothing less than the best from his students. To this day his inspiration and guidance are the core of Sifu Bergman's teaching.

“Good seeds…..strong roots……fragrant flowers”  Master Kuo Lien Ying

Sifu Bergman's second teacher was Master Chen Ching Hong (Gene Chen).

He was a first-generation student and close friend of Sifu Chen and learned Chu Gar Tong Long, and Chen’s family Tai Chi. Master Chen was a no-nonsense, very practical, and critical teacher. He continued to develop Sifu Bergman’s foundation and real understanding of sensitivity and the natural flow of power. Master Chen took his gung fu to a new level. 

Sifu Bergman’s third teacher was a lineage holder and grand master of the Taiwanese 5 Claw Golden Eagle system, Master Cheng Jia Miao; a very skilled yet humble teacher. He learned privately in his home for two years learning the basics of the system and was very affected by his teaching and his kindness. Master Cheng was especially skilled at Chin Na and his grasping and seizing ability was formidable, as was his knowledge of herbal Chinese medicine and its application was part of his teaching. He stressed responsibility for your gung fu brothers and if you hurt your brother you better be able to heal him.

Sifu Bergman is also a student of the Chan Buddhist lineage passed down from the venerable Dharma Master Hsuan Hua.

Teaching Shao-Lin, Tai Chi, Chi-Gung, and meditation while working with men, women, senior citizens, and especially youth; sifu Bergman has been sharing the importance of the relationship between Spirit, Mind, and Body and how through simple daily practice we can maintain our health, increase our happiness; and therefore, improve the quality of our lives.

He is also a nutritional consultant, and lifestyle coach, providing diet plans, and personal training curriculum.


Sifu Bergman also works within the community, teaching in treatment centers, institutions, and with beings who have been incarcerated. He offers methods of healing and transformation going into youth centers, clean and sober schools, and Youth Gang Task Force facilities sharing the benefits of Buddhist and Taoist practice and the principles of healing and self-empowerment.    His newest offering is the Inner Freedom Project which is a meditation and mentorship program for men in and out of prison.

He believes all beings deserve the "medicine" of practice...

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