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The Foundation – the “8 Elementals” longevity exercises and Taoist Chi-Gung


The “8 Elementals” are a set of Taoist exercises originating from the I-Ching and based on the corresponding 8 Tria-grams. They were used to support and strengthen structural alignment, activate the respiratory system, massage the meridians, improve circulation, and increase flexibility. Simple in movement and easy to learn yet not always easy to practice, they reflect those same principles in life but if practiced daily the benefits are noticeable, have an immediate and positive impact, and can be quite profound.


The actual exercises consist of simple body rotations [circular energy], deep breathing [Chi cultivation], stretching [ massaging meridians & increasing flexibility] and mental focus while calming the mind and activating the “ spirit ”

Taoist Chi Gung is primarily static and slowly moving postures that focus on the breath, mental focus, and directing the chi to all parts of the body, and in doing so, healing organs and bringing about a state of balance, vitality and mental well-being.

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