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True Empathy

sunday... prayer, mantra, meditation... true empathy... to actually place yourself in somebody else's position to perceive what they might be going through.... No judgment, No preconceived idea...No personal agenda... Pure awareness and compassion for what the other person might be feeling. That is a deep and sometimes difficult practice for many, as we often view situations from a self centered position...sometimes refusing to soften our own position due to discomfort and being personally challenged by their pain... If we all realize the frailty of the human condition and that we ALL have fear and difficulty with some things, then we would all also realize that compassion and empathy are necessary, and they help us understand ourselves as well... why not just stay in a place of openness and willingness to be available for others when times are difficult....THAT in itself is BIG.... the greatest "medicine" is loving kindness.......... Off to see mom , it;s Sunday...her day to be spoiled

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