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Monday... prayer, mantra, meditation... Internal alignment / external affectation... As one comes into balance internally it directly affects how we perceive and interact with all things externally... Interesting how when we reside in a state of peace and calm we are able to navigate and process things easily ... For me, when I am grounded, clear and even there is nothing that is scary anymore... ALL things are able to be observed, examined and handled.. There is No hesitation or apprehension.... why ? because part of the clarity is knowing that i can only do what i can do, and there are other things that are just not do-able at the moment.....and that is fine... To be ok with the cycles of active and inactive is a worthy practice.... and remember, We help others by setting the example ourselves... by showing our own vulnerability we give others permission to be ok with that same vulnerability... both yin and YANG moments are valid...... Off to train and then meet a young sifu who has become one of my dearest friends and inspirations over the years, Southern Mantis sifu David Welther. definitely a jedi of the 1st order............ KABLAM !

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